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Latest Album Lonerism is the second album by Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala, released by Modular Recordings on 5 October 2012. Like their previous album Innerspeaker, most of the recording was undertaken by Kevin Parker. Kevin Parker started writing and recording new material for Lonerism almost immediately after releasing Innerspeaker, saying "I started writing songs straight after Innerspeaker, but I told myself I wouldn't get hung up with the pressure, so I kinda pretended they were for some other weird project that wasn't going to have as much consequence".[20] While Innerspeaker was recorded in a very structured manner with a designated time period to record, Parker recorded Lonerism in many different places around the world whilst touring with Tame Impala. Speaking about this, Parker revealed "I've got a recording thing with me at the moment, I can do vocal takes and guitar takes wherever I am, so it's getting recorded all over the world. There's a guitar take in Vienna, or a vocal take in the aeroplane from Singapore to London. I've got my studio at home, so a lot is being done in Perth."[21] With the success of Innerspeaker, Parker had "So much more time. With Innerspeaker, we had an engineer come in, we booked a location, we got a house; it was all very official. With this album, it was just me in my home studio. I still had two other housemates, but Tame Impala paid for one of the rooms with the band account and all the money we got from festivals. I started so soon after finishing the last album, so it ended up being two years before the label was expecting to see something. There was time to experiment and completely indulge."[22] With the extra time to record, Parker gave into his desire to make "cheesy pop" songs and said "I've got a whole album waiting for Kylie Minogue. That sounds like a joke, but I actually do. I have seven songs ready."[22] In late 2010, Parker ran into some problems with the new album: "I had all these demos, half of the new album, on my iPod. And I've got a hole in my bag and it fell out somewhere between Amsterdam and London. So I've been really freaked out recently that the album's just going to turn up on YouTube, half finished, or that it's just going to come out under some other Dutch band name."[23] The demos were later found and returned to Parker.[24] Parker later relocated to Paris in 2011 and "crammed into this little Paris apartment, which looks like a reclusive bunker".[20] The recording of the album was completed by late 2011, while the mixing of the album was started on 7 December 2011 and completed on 2 March 2012, with Parker again enlisting the help of famed producer Dave Fridmann after Fridmann mixed previous album Innerspeaker.
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